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Age & Grade Placement

Gothenburg British School (GBS)

Our policy is to place students in their age-appropriate grade level. We also take into consideration a student’s previous school experience. This is done on a case by case basis looking at formal years of schooling rather than ability in subject areas.

- August 31st determines the student’s grade level.

- If there are questions about the correct grade-level placement, please contact us.

- Upon application, we use the following age guidelines to help us place students into the appropriate grade levels:

Age in AugustGBSSwedenEnglandNorth America
5Year 1Pre-school Year 1Kindergarten
6Year 2Pre-school class (Förskoleklass)Year 2Grade 1
7Year 3Year 1 (Lågstadiet) Year 3Grade 2
8Year 4Year 2 Year 4Grade 3
9Year 5Year 3 Year 5Grade 4
10Year 6Year 4 (Mellanstadiet) Year 6Grade 5
11Year 7Year 5 Year 7Grade 6
12Year 8Year 6 Year 8Grade 7
13Year 9Year 7 (Högstadiet) Year 9Grade 8
14Year 10Year 8 Year 10Grade 9
15Year 11Year 9 Year 11Grade 10
16Year 12Year 10 (Gymnasium) Year 12Grade 11
17Year 13Year 11 Year 13Grade 12

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